She sang a song about a river
Just to ease my worried mind
She wore her most gorgeous dress that evening
To say goodbye and leave her past behind
She looked at me with a smile so pretty
Then she turned and the train doors closed
When she left for Dublin City
I knew of all I‘d ever seen
It was her I loved the most

After a fortnight full of sorrow
I packed my trunk one stormy night
But I fell ill the next morning
,Lord help him!‘ exclaimed the doctor with fright
Oh if his god had shown more pity
And I hadn‘t been stuck in my old bed
I‘d have followed her to Dublin City
Where I would have lain
Right next to her instead

It was one bright day in November
When I heard the dreadful news
They found her drowned in the Liffey
I cried and thought that I was bound to lose
But then I ended my self pity
I recovered, I guess that death had drawn a blank
Now whenever I am in Dublin City
You find me in my best suit
On the dirty river bank


from Workings of the Haunted Mind, released November 23, 2016



all rights reserved


Maple Tree Circus Lucerne, Switzerland

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