All the things that I‘ve seen
All the things that were a part of me
They‘ll become daydreams and memories
But I hope they will last
Because I know for sure what will happen to the place I am leaving
It soon will become a thing of the past

I don‘t remember my name
I don‘t remember who I used to be
I never thought that it all
Would happen so fast
One step through that door and everything I used to know was different
It all has become a thing of the past

Let the mourners go home
And open the blinds for me
Don‘t muffle the drums
Let them sound at full blast
I wanna drown out the noise that keeps telling me the same old story Because it all has become a thing of the past

Now when I‘m going to the city
At the east coast of the Netherlands
Where at the seaside I once
Had found solace at last
No more I will see its beauty the way I remember
Because it all has become a thing of the past


from Workings of the Haunted Mind, released November 23, 2016



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Maple Tree Circus Lucerne, Switzerland

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